A Mixed Use Project Concept


Why does mixed use matter?

The concept of mixed use can be likened to the idea of community. Our communities are where we live, work, play, and eat. Our concept for 201 Ellicott incorporates and blends these elements to emphasize a new, vibrant neighborhood where a surface parking lot now sits. 201 Ellicott is an emphatically mixed-use project which leverages a diverse range of office, retail, and residential building elements to activate pedestrian-friendly streets and healthy public spaces. These building and public space elements include:


Public Space

Great community spaces are at the heart of our project.  We’ve devoted over half of our site to major public amenities:

The south-east corner of Ellicott and Clinton Streets is marked by a welcoming public plaza. The project’s proposed grocery, retail, building lobbies and green space embrace this square and support its vitality. A prominent amphitheater stair at the south end of the Square provides access to the Upper Terrace Park while also creating a casual space to “people watch.”

  1. A spacious public green, Upper Terrace Park, with access from the plaza and the upper floors of the project structures features an open lawn, tree-shaded picnic areas, a demonstration rain garden, cafe spaces, a performance stage and view of a large cinema screen mounted to the neighboring NFTA building. The verdant park offers opportunities to relax, and come together to enjoy activities ranging from frisbee to farmers markets to al fresco dining to performances.
  2. In concert with the city’s current “Complete Street” designs, the project includes pedestrian and bicycle friendly improvements to Ellicott, Clinton and Oak Streets.  Landscape elements from the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus’ “Ellicott Street Linear Park” are extended to the site along Ellicott Street, gesturing to a broader vision of uniting this significant urban corridor.



Approximately 44,000 square feet retail ring the sidewalks and public spaces on both the ground and upper terrace level.  A proposed Orchard Fresh grocery store concept by Tops Markets, including affordable grocery items and a wide range of fresh prepared foods in a café setting, creates food accessibility and visibility on the corner of Oak and Clinton.



A 3-story, 110,000 sf, L-shaped, elevated office block runs along Oak and Clinton Streets and culminates with a multi-level atrium for shared conference and meeting spaces overlooking the plaza. The office floors also have access to a roof terrace and Upper Terrace Park.



Together, the 4-story Ellicott Street blocks and the 12-story Clinton Street blocks create approximately 200 apartment and condo units with a wide variety of configurations and price points.  The Ellicott Street apartments offer dynamic street and garden views, while the Clinton Street residences provide stunning panoramas of the city and the lake. Balconies, shared green roof terraces and a community garden extend living spaces to the outdoors.



800 covered parking spaces achieve our goal to replace the existing surface lot spaces while also adding sufficient additional spaces to serve the new building program.  By submerging 2 levels of the parking structure below grade and covering the entire above grade parking with an accessible “green roof”, we also achieved our greater mission of making parking “invisible” on the site.

Check out this project overview video.


What will this project add to the community?


Health + Wellness

Acknowledging the lack of access to fresh food available in downtown Buffalo, 201 Ellicott includes a proposed Orchard Fresh grocery store concept by Tops Markets. In addition to the provision of affordable grocery items, Orchard Fresh will also offer a wide range of fresh prepared foods in a café setting, contributing additional daytime dining options for the growing downtown workforce. We are also looking into the possibility of a public farmer’s market that could be hosted on site. Additionally, a community garden space will be available to residents, increasing the variety of fresh, locally sourced food options.


Community Engagement

One of the most powerful attributes of the 201 Ellicott project is the design of the outdoor plaza. Our project responds to the current urban fabric, and aims to seamlessly connect to existing greenspace downtown. The 2.5-acre site is distinguished by a 60,000 square foot elevated plaza, Upper Terrace Park, to encourage a variety of activities which will be supported by partnerships with our neighbors, such as the Erie County Public Library. The large concrete wall of the neighboring NFTA building will serve as a “canvas” by providing the new green space with a setting for installed art, live performances and an “open air cinema” projection.



Not only do we want to welcome our existing neighbors, we want to create a destination that is accessible to promote active use by a broader population of Buffalo residents. According to The Urban Land Institute (2013), “individuals are more likely to be active in a community designed around their needs.” Therefore, 201 Ellicott is designed to be highly walkable, in addition to being accessible by bicycle, public transit, and vehicles. The convenient proximity to the Light Rail Rapid Transit at Lafayette Square Station and the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority Bus Terminal is a tremendous asset to ensure the success of this new transit-oriented development.


We want those who live, work, and play in Buffalo to experience a sense of ownership and belonging at 201 Ellicott Street.